Wedding Favors

Last updated: December 01, 2008

Wedding favors are a nice way to thank all your guests for helping you celebrate your special day.  They don’t have to be expensive or large, they are just to express your gratitude and can be a great souvenir for your guests.  Your favors can also reflect your theme or wedding colors, be homemade or specially designed.

A popular wedding favor is a picture frame.  They can serve as place card holders or you can simply place them with a little note of thanks inside.  Another nice guest favor is a candle.  You can choose candles the same as your wedding colors, or choose different candle scents to go along with the season.  For instance, a cinnamon candle for a winter wedding, pumpkin scented candle for an autumn wedding, sea breeze for a summer wedding, or honeysuckle for a spring wedding.  Some other ideas for your wedding favors are chocolates, Jordan almonds, tea or coffee packets with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date, cookies, personalized pens, stationary, music CD, etc

Depending on the kind of favors you choose, you might want to choose a different alternative for children at your wedding.  Children like edible favors such as lollipops or cookies, or something they can play with such as crayons, bubbles, or stickers.

Popular guest favor ideas (by season):
Spring- seed packets, vases, pastel colored chocolate candies, butterfly bookmark, scented rose soaps
Summer- sunscreen, mini sand pail filled with bright candies, mini beach ball, sunglasses, flip-flop photo frame
Fall- candy corn, gourmet popcorn balls, leaf soap petals, scented decorative pinecones, custom coffee packets
Winter- ornaments, candy canes, cookie cutters, custom hot chocolate packets, special mugs, mini snow globes